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BEER TIP: What is the proper way to pour a beer?

Getting a good head on a beer is important. The aromatic qualities of beer are carried out of the glass on the foam. You should aim for about two-fingers of foam on top of the beer. So how do you achieve the perfect pour?

From a bottle: Pour slowly down the middle of the glass.

From a tap: Hold the glass at a 45° angle about one inch below the faucet. Open the tap fully and gradually straighten the glass as the beer fills. Don’t stick the faucet into the beer.


Foodservice Industry Events
Increased staff knowledge increases sales.

Beer Basics – A one to two hour session that will train your front-of-house staff on the basics of beer and beer sales. We will work with you to develop a beer list for the event or we can work with the beers already on your menu. Your staff will learn to describe popular beer styles, pair dishes from your menu with appropriate beers, properly pour a beer, and recognize and talk about the basic aromatic and flavor components of beer like malt character and hop bitterness and flavor. A Perfect Pint will provide educational materials and beer evaluation forms.

Beer Menu Consultation – Beer is the new wine. Let A Perfect Pint advise you on expanding your beer menu to tap into the growing market for fine beer.


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All Perfect Pint tasting events include:

• Experienced and knowledgeable beer expert
• Extensive pre-event consultation
• Preparation of beers for the event
• Educational materials that participants can take home
• Tasting forms
• Appropriate glassware, water pitchers, and dump buckets
• Small beer table with white linen tablecloth

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