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BEER TIP: What is the difference between an ale and a lager?

The difference is the yeast. Ale yeasts, or top-fermenting yeasts, ferment at temperatures between 65° and 75° F. Bottom-fermenting lager yeasts ferment at colder temperatures between 45° and 55° F. The word lager means “to store” in German. Following fermentation, lager beers are stored for a period of weeks to months at temperatures near freezing. Lager yeasts generally produce beers with a crisp, clean quality, while ale yeast produce beers with a rounder mouthfeel and more yeast-derived fruitiness.


Corporate Events
Treat your clients to something special.

On-Site Beer Tasting Parties – Two-hour guided beer tastings for up to 30 guests held at your place of business. A Perfect Pint will work with you to develop a beer list, prepare and bring the beers, and treat you and your guests to a fun social event you won't soon forget.

Off-Site Beer Tasting Events and Beer DinnersHost a lavish beer dinner in a restaurant or event hall of your choosing. A Perfect Pint will work with you and your caterer to develop a beer list for the event and suggest beer and food pairings. Or work with one of our partners for a full-service experience.

Team Building Events –A great evening or closing activity for company retreats. Teams compete to identify beers from style descriptions in a blind tasting or work in groups to create effective sales language for beers based on their perceived characteristics. Events last from 1 to three hours and can accommodate up to 30 participants.


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All Perfect Pint tasting events include:

• Experienced and knowledgeable beer expert
• Extensive pre-event consultation
• Preparation of beers for the event
• Educational materials that participants can take home
• Tasting forms
• Appropriate glassware, water pitchers, and dump buckets
• Small beer table with white linen tablecloth

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